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Ontario College of Teachers- Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT)
An Ontario teaching certificate is a licence to teach in Ontario. Only qualified teaching professionals who have been certified by and remain in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers can use the abbreviation OCT – Ontario Certified Teacher – next to their name.
OCTs have met the standards for acceptance into Ontario’s teaching profession. They possess the academic and experience credentials expected of teachers in publicly funded schools. The OCT designation ensures students are taught by highly qualified people. OCTs have the necessary knowledge and skills to help students learn and achieve.​

ECE Certified Teachers
​Early childhood educators (ECEs) meet the entry to practice requirements and standards of practice of the profession. This means that parents may be assured that their children are in the care of a qualified professional. ECEs are able to:
Assesses children’s developmental needs and stages in all developmental domains;
Designs curriculum to address children’s identified needs, stages of development and interests;
Plans programs and environments for play and activities that help children make developmental progress;
Maintains healthy emotional and social learning contexts for children; and
Reports to parents and supervisors on children’s developmental progress within healthy, safe, nurturing and challenging play environments.


* Apply to Education-

* Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board

​* Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO)

​* Toronto Catholic District School Board

* Peel District School Board

* Toronto District School Board


Ontario Certificates


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1.  Employment Advising & Resource Network (EARN),

2.  Professional Resource & Outreach Program (PROP),

3. Focus Registered Teachers Exchange(FORTE),

4. Operation Project TeaCh:Teaching Chance (OPT),

5. Professional Assistance & Certification Evaluation (PACE),

6.  Books & Resources in Education Donation ( BRED),and

7.  Teachers Optimum Performance & Service awards (TOPS).

PTAC has also set a Benevolent Assistance Scheme for its registered active members.

These initiatives involve professional & educational activities and other ongoing projects undertaken in cooperation and collaboration with community service providers and other stakeholders in the Greater Toronto Area .

Operationally, the PTAC, within the purview of their members’ education specialties, provides the pooled professional assistance, support and expertise to the community through professional development by : group presentation, one-on-one advice & coaching, and/ or on- demand and arranged approaches and strategies for its identified clientele and partners.


1. Annual Conference Program with Kababayan Multicultural Centre
    a. Building a Career: Meeting the      

         Challenges and Moving Forward
    b. Career Search, Building and

         Networking Strategies
    c. The Internationally Trained Teacher :

         Career Building, Prospects        

         and  Challenges.

    d. Ministry-prescribed curricula and                 instructional planning; teaching
        strategies and procedures; school

        culture, organization & practices;
        school discipline and behaviour;    

        specialized programs, and other

        relevant systems.
     e. Moving Forward: Career Transition,    

         Career Transformation
2.  Fitness Fun Karaoke- Zumba (promotes wellness and camaraderie)
3. Professional Development Seminar On Ontario Teaching Practices
      a. Job Search Tools and Strategies for             Teachers)  – Loblaws March 2014
      b. Teaching in Ontario Schools: Focus  

           on Curriculum, Instruction and
           Assessment – March 2012
       c. Career Search: Interview Skills,    

           Tools and Networking Strategies –
            March 2013
4.  PIDC Mabuhay Volleyball Tournament
5.  Valentine's Party - formal dance, dining and fellowship
6. Christmas Party - formal dance, oath taking, dining and fellowship
7.  Casino Niagara Fundraising 2011
8. Learning Resource and Book Donation Program
9. Garage Sale Fundraising
10. Strategic Planning Workshop (Extended Inn Hotel)
11. Annual PTAC Potluck Picnic
12. PIDC Flag Raising and Cultural Program
13. Professional Development Seminar – March 2012 (D’Planet)
14. Asian Heritage Day (Tony San Juan Speaker PTAC) - How to Help Your Child Succeed in School
15. Proudly Pinoy – PTAC participation/speakers: Marissa Ciacico, Maria Bernasor & Perly Laganas
16. PTAC Mentoring Project (on-going)

17. FORTE (on-going) Focus Registered Teachers Exchange, is a standing project of PTAC which has been started in 2009. In each or every session of OCT attendees, the foci are on reflections and sharing of individual experiences and preparation process about: teacher application, interviews, networking, & other search strategies. As usual, some experienced, practicing teachers will be invited to provide constructive critique, counsel and guidance to OCTs in career transition, in job MARKET  journey or in occasional assignment situations and the like.